Marketing vs. Selling

We are part of a strategy session with one partner organization or another almost daily. Without fail, the conversation turns to a discussion of the difference between marketing, selling, branding, and advertising. In fact just the other day, I thought one organization's team was going to come to blows over it. So, in the interest of peace on earth, I thought I would share our perspective:


The Most Effective Way to Understand Your Donors

Mind of a Donor

A large portion of our business is coming alongside nonprofit organizations as strategic consultants, development advisers, and marketing and creative innovators. Without question, however, we get asked by every organization about donor profiling, data modeling, and predictive lifetime value analysis. There are tons of companies that specialize in predictive modeling in addition to the work that we do. Yet, more times than not when asked, I respond with a simple question that is usually met with the sound of crickets chirping...